We're moving!!!

Since Khalsa Kids launched in Jan 2017, we have had a strong base in the UK. You have loyally followed our journey and we are eternally grateful for the opportunities that we have had to meet you, to share our ideas with you and become a Khalsa Kids family!

Due to increasing demand and the growing popularity of Khalsa Kids products, we are moving offices from the UK to Canada!!! We are really excited about this, something tells me big things are coming!

It's a huge move, and one that requires lots of manpower and time. So for this reason, we are closing the store for the summer while we settle ourselves into our new offices and home.

But do not fear, our books are still available in various parts of the world and we will keep you updated about these via social media - so go follow us @KhalsaKids

If you would like to know when the store is back online, make sure you have subscribed and we will send you an email to let you know!

Thank you for being on this journey with us!

Warmest wishes wherever you are... Khalsa Kids :)

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