Khalsa Kids Apparel

You've read the books, now it's time to wear the T-Shirt!

We are so pleased to announce our new clothing line, Khalsa Kids Apparel. We have some fantastic designs of baby bibs and T-Shirts so that young Sikh children can relate to their identity and the Sikh faith in a fun way! These are limited edition so get yours fast!

Included in our designs are Dharam Singh's famous I Love Vaheguru T-Shirts and wonderful Tabla Singh!

We also have a great range of Sikh baby bibs featuring our fun characters Daya and Dharam!

There are many more cute designs and more on the way! Check them out in our store now!

Remember these are all limited edition so be quick to get yours!

Send us your pictures or tag us in social media with your Khalsa Kids products @KhalsaKids

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