My First Sikh Word Book

Our new book, My First Sikh Word Book launched on 13th April 2017 in Smethwick, UK and since then we have been keeping veryyyy busy with orders and enquiries for this book! It has been wonderful to see such a positive response! And rightly so, there is nothing like this book elsewhere except right here!

My First Sikh Word Book is the fourth book by Navreet Singh. It is a collection of simple words written in English and Punjabi to help children relate to their mother tongue. Each word is complemented by a colourful image, which stimulates the senses and is great for children to identify with the Sikhi they see around them. This new board book is a fantastic first sikh book for children and is great gift idea for for baby showers, newborns, and toddlers.

For a sneak preview of the book, check out our promo video for My First Sikh Word Book:

Navreet Singh has dedicated himself to creating Sikh books for children. The success of Khalsa Kids so far has shown just how much the Khalsa Kids Vision of creating new Sikhi resources for children has been welcomed by the Sikh community. There is clearly a need for these books and we hope that you all continue to support so that we can continue to publish these books and make them available for you.

We have currently sold out of our first print of My First Sikh Word Book but more are coming very soon! To hear when it's available first, subscribe to the Khalsa Kids mailing list via the Home page.

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