Daya and Dharam Activity Book

We are excited to announce that the new Daya and Dharam activity book is now available in our online store. It is packed with activities to keep the little ones busy whilst helping them identify and relate to the Gurdwara and also gain a deeper understanding of the first book in the Daya and Dharam series - Daya and Dharam Go to the Gurdwara.

Many parents have said that when their children visit the Gurdwara, they often don’t have an understanding of what is happening there, resulting in distracted or uninterested children. Through Daya and Dharam Go to the Gurdwara and this activity book, we hope that their inquisitive minds will find visiting the Gurdwara to be a fun experience whilst being more aware of what is happening at the Gurdwara.

We would like to say thank you and a big well done to everyone that entered our competition to win a copy of the activity book. You gave the Khalsa Kids Team a very difficult task of choosing only 5 winners as there were so many amazing entries!

To enter, we asked each child to explain in 20 words or less what a Sikh/being a Sikh means to them.

Our winners are:

Japjot Kaur (3 years old) - "Sikhs are Guru Gobind singh jee's children"

Dharam Singh (4 years old) "Have kind hands to say thank you to Baba ji for everything. To give the man my fruit shoot and crisps."

(Dharam Singh’s father has explained: “The man” is a homeless man Dharam Singh sees outside the supermarket. Dharam gives him something out of his shopping, usually a packet of crisps, sweets or fruit shoot because as a Sikh, he knows he should help those less fortunate than him.)

Sansaar Kaur Dhinjan (6 years old) - "We should always remember God, to be honest and do seva. Also to respect everyone and help the poor people."

Navreen Kaur (9 years old) - "I want to be a Sikh because I want to be close to God forever and ever."

Daya Kaur (9 years old) - "We love Waheguru Ji, Sikhs believe in praising God's name, sharing everything and honest living. We believe in the truth."

We also have some amazing runners up who will be getting some Khalsa Kids goodies in the post too!

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