WIN the Daya and Dharam Activity Book

Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Jee Kee Fateh,

Hope you are all well and remembering to write 2017 every time you write the date.

(I'm still writing 2016!)

We understand that children can be kinasthetic learners - that is, they like 'doing' or learning through play. So we present to you the Daya and Dharam Go to the Gurdwara Activity Book, packed with fun activities for Little Singhs and Kaurs.

It will be available to purchase through the online store next week and we are giving

5 lucky Khalsa Kids the chance to win a copy by entering this competition:

In 20 words or less, can you tell the Khalsa Kids Team what it means to you to be a Sikh?

Encourage your child to write or verbalise this to you, then send us an email with your child's entry to with the subject COMPETITION ENTRY.

Remember to include their name and age!

The competition ends at 12pm on Wednesday January 25th 2017.

Winners will be announced shortly after!

Please note there can only be one entry per child.

Looking forward to reading all of your entries!

The Khalsa Kids Team

p.s. do you know someone that would love to win a copy? Share this blog post or head over to our social media pages and share the competition post!

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