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I wanted to thank you for creating such fabulous books. My daughter's favourite book is Daya and Dharam Go to the Gurdwara, she has to read it about 10 times a day and takes it to bed.

She has also learnt her Mool Mantra from the First Step book. 

Please continue to publish more books. We absolutely love them. I will be purchasing the First Sikh Word Book too. Thank you

- Joti

 I think it's great what you're doing for the younger kids - I was struggling to find books and activities to help them learn about Sikhi. 
I love your Daya and Dharam books!

- D. Singh

My 2 year old loves Daya and Dharam Go to the Gurdwara - it's written in a way that it's relatable to children, and the illustrations are eye catching and intriguing :)

- K.K. Gill


How did you think of such great characters?

Me and my son are eagerly waiting for the next book in the series. 

Well done Khalsa Kids!

- Sharan

I love your brand new clothes line, Khalsa Kids Apparel.

I especially like the Kaur tee shirt and bib!

Your ideas are so unique and it's helping our children to be proud of their Sikh heritage.

- Gurpreet

To Bhai Navreet Singh, we have been watching you on YouTube for so long! And now you are doing something so great by bringing Sikhi to children in a fun way. We can't wait to see you in Canada!


- J. Singh Bains 

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