Sikh Nursery Rhymes

Khalsa Kids has collaborated with Mighty Khalsa to publish this fantastic new Sikh Nursery Rhymes book. The book features a whopping 14 rhymes, 3 of which have been written by Khalsa Kids' creative mind, Navreet Singh.


The book includes a CD of all the rhymes and each of the songs has a double spread dedicated to it. There are lyrics and photographs of the children demonstrating the actions for each verse or line of the song/rhyme. The actions are easy to learn and to do with the music.


This is an excellent book and must have for every bookshelf! It will get any young child excited and motivated to sing about Vaheguru Ji, Khalsa and the brave Singhs and Kaurs of the Guru with all the traditional nursery rhymes tunes.


The nursery rhymes can also be purchased as stand alone tracks from Google Play or iTunes by searching for Mighty Khalsa.


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Sikh Nursery Rhymes

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