Meet The Khalsa Kids Team

Khalsa Kids is committed to taking care of our future generations by offering a range of books and products to inspire young Sikh children to learn about Sikhi in a fun and simple way.

Meet the team... 

Navreet Singh has over 20 years of experience in organizing fun Sikh retreats and camps for children, teaching Keertan, Gurbani, Gatka (Sikh martial art) and delivering lectures on Sikh faith to children and adults in all settings.


In 2013, Navreet Singh authored The First Step - a book which translates the Mool Mantra appropriately for young children. 

After the birth of his son, Rasaval Singh, Navreet Singh left his full time day job to become a full time Dad - a decision he made to ensure he gave his son the best possible start and foundation of Sikhi in his early years. 


Struggling to find Sikhi resources for his son, Navreet Singh created Khalsa Kids to become a creative platform to inspire Sikh children in. 


Navreet Singh is also keen to give opportunities for other artistic Sikhs who wish to use their creativity to inspire the future Sikh generation. 

Author and Creative designer of

The First Step (2013)

Daya and Dharam Go to the Gurdwara (2016)

My First Sikh Word Book (2017)

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CEO Khalsa Kids

Author of Daya and Dharam series


​Arvinder Singh lives and works in London, UK. It was when studying Graphics Design at school that the passion to use his skills in Seva for the Sikh faith rose. 


He is the creator of Sikh Vision, a rapidly growing social media platform with over 20K followers on a mission to deliver high quality resources for western Sikhs.

Arvinder Singh dreams of creating imaginative content to make Sikhi mainstream in a simple, professional and modern way.


An integral member of the Khalsa Kids team, Arvinder Singh is eager to illustrate and design a new era of children's educational resources.

Check out his vibrant illustrations in the books below.

Published illustrator of

Daya and Dharam Go to the Gurdwara (2016)

My First Sikh Word Book (2017)

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Illustrator of Daya and Dharam


​Satnam Kaur married Navreet Singh in 2008 and has joined him in his adventures in teaching young people about the Sikh faith.

She teaches in an elementary school in her day job and uses her skills and expertise as a teacher to support the Khalsa Kids vision.


Satnam Kaur's role is to ensure all of Navreet Singh and Arvinder Singh's hard work comes to life in the form of a published book!

Director Rasaval Publishers


Rasaval Singh is the inspiration and muse behind Khalsa Kids. 

It was when he was born that both Navreet Singh and Satnam Kaur wanted to ensure there was plenty of Sikhi books for Rasaval Singh to learn and take inspiration from.

It's after Rasaval Singh's approval and valued feedback that each product and book goes ahead, so that it can be brought to you via our online store. 

Without him, Khalsa Kids would not exist.

Product Tester


A branch of the charitable organzation, Everythings 13, Mighty Khalsa are UK based publishers of some of the Sikhi books you will find in our online store! 

Mighty Khalsa are the publishers of Navreet Singh's first book, The First Step and have given invaluable support and love to Khalsa Kids.

Mighty Khalsa is the official stockist of Khalsa Kids books in the UK. 


If you are visiting from the UK, visit their website for all of our books.

Khalsa Kids UK


13 Khalsa is a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to educate and inspire Sikhs and non-Sikhs on Gurbani, history and Sikhi related scriptures.

Their main focus is to engage and teach Sikh principles to the younger generation and do this via children's Gurmat retreats and camps and workshops.

With a vision synonymous to Khalsa Kids, it was an easy choice for 13 Khalsa to become the Australian chapter of Khalsa Kids.

13 Khalsa is your first point of contact to get any of the Khalsa Kids books if you prefer not to pay for international shipping. 

Visit them here

Khalsa Kids Australia


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